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Founder & Artist•

Bik Shrestha

Bik is the Co-founder of Scalp Guy SMP and is also the artist. His number one goal is to change people’s lives by giving back their confidence. Having been involved in the PMU industry for 5 years, Bik was inspired by the change it can bring to people’s lives.

Years in PMU:
Co-Founder & Artist •

Sokkha Va

Sokkha is the Co-founder, trainer, and master artist at Brow Lady Microblading. She started tattooing eyebrows in 2018 but has been shaping & threading brows since 2014. She graduated with a business degree in 2016 and is an entrepreneur at heart. Sokkha continues her education by receiving training twice a year for the past 4 years

Years in PMU:

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