Bik Shrestha

Bik is the Co-founder of Scalp Guy SMP and is also the artist. His number one goal is to change people’s lives by giving back their confidence. Having been involved in the PMU industry for 5 years, Bik was inspired by the change it can bring to people’s lives. He has first handedly seen people’s transformation, regaining their confidence and countless thank you messages which made him decide to bring the same kind of impact on people’s lives. He has 10+ years of experience in the QA world which makes him detail oriented and able to see things that normal people might miss at first glance. 

Bik & Sokkha are happily married with two little ones. On his days off, he pretends to be a gorilla and chases the kids around or is a canvas on days when his daughter Khaiia decides to be a makeup artist.

Bik is a big foodie and loves trying new food from all around the world. He also loves soccer and is a big fan of Manchester United. He also loves the Stock market and the crypto world, so don’t be surprised if you walk out of his session with a couple of investment ideas.